About me

My Story

Passion for People and Technology

Hi! My name is Elosiel I am a frontend Developer. I love technology, UX/UI, and art. I believe they are all art and a way to express your ideas to the world. Since I was a boy, I was curious and passioned to learn new things and I always paid attention to details of how things work.

The world is a constant change, so our technology and the way we think, this is why I love coding and design, we always can do things differently and learn from new experiences. If you also love that, I believe we should talk.

Family and Travel

Every day, the fascination for the world and technology grows due to what it enables humans, with all natural limitations, to do in every area. This is what moves me forward. Being with my family, traveling, and being able to develop project from anywhere in the world… Priceless.

Current Location

While still living in Brazil, my family and I had the opportunity to visit Argentina and Canada. Both places surprised us due to their natural beauty and friendly people. Between 2016 and 2019, we lived in the great city of Salt Lake, Utah, for 3 years. On the first day of the year 2020, we moved to SD, living in the heart of the USA.

My workflow

In 6 steps

Don’t underestimate the power of a good brief that covers the client’s expectations. Make sure we have a transparent meeting  to ensure the projects begins on the right foot.

The research and preparation done in this step sets the stage for the entire project and will be the foundation on which the design and development work is based on.

This is where the visual look of website starts to take shape. The designer will envision  a variety of creative artwork prototypes to allow the client to choose the look they want.

The web development phase converts the creative vision into reality. This is where the developer builds the website’s functionality based on feature requirements and goals.

The launch phase covers making final touches and moving the project to the client’s live serve. 

Ongoing manteinance is a must, both for ensuring technical support but also to allow for optimization existing and new design elements, features and content. 

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